Homeschooling using Panjango

Panjango’s games and resources are a fun and interactive way of exploring the world of work and demonstrating how learning is applied in exciting ways in the world beyond school. Here are some ideas for how Panjango can be used for homeschooling, either by teachers or parents. 

Panjango Online

  1. Task pupils with independently exploring careers through our contextualised challenges on Panjango Online and then ask them to report back on how they used their knowledge and skills in five different careers
  2. Use Panjango Online’s skill-based challenges to set a competition (for example, to design a treehouse as an architect or record an investor pitch for a new super food they have created as a Sports Nutritionist)
  3. Compliment student's Maths, English and Science work by using Panjango's challenges to give real world context to that learning by getting them to apply their knowledge directly to work-related problems
  4. Explore the Teachers' Area for dozens of other ideas about how to use Panjango Online's content for creative careers activities (the Desert Island Survival Game is our favourite!)

Panjango Online is entirely free to use - simply go to to register. For independent learning, it’s best to switch to ‘Individual Mode’ and then use the Share Session feature so that pupils can gain access without registering. Read our FAQ guide here for further guidance.

Panjango Trumps

  1. Scan and send two different trump cards each day for pupils to decide which career they would prefer and why (take it to the next level by using the Future Jobs cards as well!)
  2. Play a game of 'Play Your Cards Right' by asking pupils to guess whether the one job has a higher or lower rating for Salary, Brain Power, Robot Risk etc than the previous one. The winner is the pupil who successfully guesses the longest correct sequence. 
  3. Scan the Create Your Own blank card and get pupils to design their own career trump based on their ideal job including researching a job desciption and producing the trump rankings
  4. See the Mini Games cards in each pack for loads of other ideas for creative activities pupils could do while at home

The Panjango Game

  1. Use the board game’s many different challenge types to send pupils 5 daily career-related challenges to complete either by themselves or with their family
  2. Host a virtual games session with groups of students where they have to complete various challenges either individually, competitively or collaboratively via Zoom or Teams
  3. Use the Mini Games booklet for loads of other creative careers activity ideas students could do while at home

Panjango Resource Bank

  1. We are busy creating a new bank of downloadable resources to help teachers and parents deliver exciting contextual learning activities - to receive updates on their upcoming release sign up here

Panjango Career Paths Quiz

  1. Ask pupils to complete our fun questionnaire and discover which career paths best fit their personality.
  2. Students could use the list of suggested jobs at the end of the quiz as a starting point for research about possible future career options (they could independently complete the challenges on Panjango Online for those careers as a starting point)

Let us know about the creative ways you have used Panjango's games and resources for homeschooling, either as a teacher or parent, and we'll get those ideas added to our list!