Panjango Trumps

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Panjango Trumps is the fun way for children to explore the world of work! 

Our unique twist on the classic game pits 50 different careers against each other in a battle of stats.

The game helps children to discover new and exciting career options and help them think about their future - all while playing a fun game!

The trump categories includes Brain Power, Social Good, Physical Effort, Expected Salary, Study & Training and Robot Risk (the risk of the job becoming automated).

Each trump card also comes with a Job Description and a Fun Fact to bring the careers to life for young people.

Each Panjango Trumps pack includes:

  • 50 Trump Cards – including job descriptions, ratings across six categories and a Fun Fact relating to the career on each card
  • Rules Card – to explain the rules and game variations to players
  • Other Games & Exercises Cards – offering six other fun mini-games and exercise for players 
  • Blank Trump Card – for players to photocopy and create their own trump cards

The game is suitable for children aged 7 and above.