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18 interactive and gamified activities and worksheets focusing on various aspects of career learning.

Our Activities collection includes:

101 Discussion Prompts 
A great resource to get students discussing meaningful questions relating to the world of work, life choices and leading a healthy and happy life - while also helping students to hone their debating skills!

Careers Bingo
A careers version of Bingo, where students are given a cryptic careers clue that they must match to the relevant careers image on their bingo grid.

The Impossible Careers Crossword
A great summary activity to follow on from learning about careers and the world of work, allowing students to test their understanding of keywords.

Careers Advent Calendar
A digital advent calendar with an exciting festive careers activity behind each door including challenges that apply core subject knowledge and skills.

Green Careers (Crossword and Wordsearch)
Two Green Careers activities to introduce students to green careers that can help in the climate crisis and the skills that can make a positive impact.

Big Fat Careers Quiz of the Year
Our own careers-version of the Big Fat Quiz of the Year! A fun quiz offering 48 careers-themed questions across the categories from the popular television show.

Mega Workplace Wordsearch
A great way to introduce students to the wide variety of workplaces that exist in the world of work with 50 different workplaces listed.

New Year Goals
Designed to encourage personal reflection and goal-setting to help students focus on developing themselves over the coming year.

Panjango World Tour
An interactive world careers tour featuring 26 destinations each offering a contextualised careers challenge for roles that might be based there.

The Big Skills Challenge
A checklist of 30 challenges to build students’ skills while helping them learn more about themselves and make a positive difference to their family and community.

Create a (Careers) Scene
Students are tasked with bringing to life a careers scene around an occupation character based on their understanding of the associated tasks, tools and clothing.

The Coding Challenge
An introduction to coding as students get to grips with binary code before taking on a challenge in the role of a Cybersecurity Specialist.

The Earth Day Action Challenge
A checklist of positive environmental actions that students can undertake to help tackle the climate crisis - including signposting to linked careers.

Presenting Tips
A useful tool to use as a skills mat on desks to identify how students can develop their listening, presenting and contributing skills.

WOW Words (Careers Glossary and worksheet)
An introduction to keywords that might be found in the ‘world of work’. The glossary and accompanying worksheet enable learners to learn and apply their understanding of new keywords.

Skills Wordsearch
A great way to introduce students to the skills that they may need to be successful in the world of work including 25 different skills to locate.

Mortgages worksheet
A maths-based resource that puts students into the shoes of a Mortgage Advisor as they explore the maths behind buying a house.

You can download our free sample Panjango World Tour resource here.

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