Panjango Online


Panjango Online gives learning context and purpose by directly linking the curriculum to the real world. The platform makes it more exciting for young people to explore the world of work while developing the knowledge, skills and experience needed to thrive in life after school.

“Panjango is a powerful, immersive experience which helps young people understand why learning is important, and how it is used in practical settings in the world of work."
Dr. Richard Gerver - Head Teacher of the Year & Best-Selling Education Author

Panjango Online is FREE to use simple go to to register.

Benefits for Young People

demonstrates the importance of education and makes learning more meaningful
develops key skills such as teamworking, communication, problem solving,
creativity and confidence
encourages risk taking and helps young people to discover their strengths and weaknesses
makes careers education more fun and engaging through interactive exploration of the world of work
broadens horizons, raises aspirations and improves engagement with learning

Benefits for Teachers

a powerful tool to enable any teacher to instantly deliver a high quality careers lesson
gives learning context and purpose and brings the Maths, English and Science curriculum to life
saves time by offering exciting and high impact lesson plan solutions across the curriculum
helps schools meet their statutory requirement to deliver independent
careers guidance
helps evidence Ofsted outcomes including SMSC, achievement of pupils and quality of teaching

In addition to providing Careers Information across all sectors, Panjango guides young people through contextualised, work-related challenges helping them
develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to fulfil their potential.

Knowledge Challenges
bring learning to life by linking the KS2 and KS3 Maths, English and Science curriculum directly to the world of work.

Skills Challenges
are fun, interactive games and activities which help young

people develop the skills and competencies needed in the modern workplace.

Experience Challenges
are reflective exercises requiring young people to debate and discuss solutions to work-related scenarios or ethical dilemmas.

See below for an example of each of the types of challenges...

Panjango Knowledge challenge
Panjango Skills challenge
Panjango Experience challenge

“I was delighted to discover Panjango which uniquely gives relevance to the curriculum through fun, informative challenges which apply learning to the world of work. There are many careers resources out there, but none like Panjango.”

Catherine Webster - Careers Advisor, MCDI

Panjango Online is FREE to use simple go to to register.