Careers Scheme of Work

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A complete 32-lesson careers Scheme of Work offering a structured career learning journey using Panjango's unique style of fun, interactive and contextualised learning.

Our 'Explore, Experience, Thrive' scheme makes use of our existing games and resources and offers original content to connect learning to life and excite young people about the world of work.

The scheme also includes 70 individual career exploration resources relating to current jobs and 5 relating to future jobs - each offering careers information and ten contextualised challenges for a more interactive way of exploring careers.

In addition, you will also get access to Panjango's two digital careers games (Choices and Top 10s) and a host of other discrete career activities. The scheme also incorporates the best content from The Real Game for which Panjango was given an exclusive license to update and repurpose by Prospects/Optimus.

The lessons are primarily designed for use in Key Stage 3 but the vast majority are easily adaptable to other age groups and specific learning needs.

The lessons include:

1a - An Introduction to the World of Work
1b - (Game) Panjango Top 10s
2a - Connecting Learning to Life
2b - Careers and the Curriculum
3a - Exploring Career Paths
3b - Sector Adventure
4a - Understanding Key Skills
4b - Developing Skills for Life
5a - My Skills and Interests
5b - The Big Skills Challenge
5c - (Game) The Desert Island Survival Challenge
6a - Solving World Problems
6b - Careers and the Climate Crisis
7a - Finding My Purpose
7b - (Game) Panjango Choices
8a - Exploring Labour Market Information
8b - (Game) Panjango Trumps
9a - The Jobs of the Future
9b - (Game) Panjango Trumps: Future Jobs
9c - Exploring the Future World of Work
10a - Living a Healthy and Happy Life
10b - Mental Health & Well Being
11a - Life as an Adult
11b - Money Matters
11c - The Big Budget
12a - Building Real World Experience
13a - My Career Preferences
13b - My Dream Job
14a - Planning for the Future
14b - My Options
15a - Reflecting on our Journey
15b - The Big Careers Quiz

You can view a more detailed overview of the lessons included in the Scheme of Work here.

The scheme also includes more than 200 files in total and is broken down into 15 core lessons ('A' lessons) and 17 optional lessons ('B' and 'C' lessons) to provide flexibility in the way it is delivered. Each lesson includes a Lesson Plan to make the activities as easy to deliver as possible.

Note: after purchase, the Scheme must be downloaded as a single zip file and must then be unzipped to access all the individual files.