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9 resources focusing on big social issues we face as a society - and how different job roles work to tackle these issues.

The resources offer students the opportunity to step into the shoes of those professionals to tackle “real life” challenges that help to address the issue in focus.

Black History
Features levels on black culture, historical figures and equal rights and a bonus ‘boss’ level exploring the Black Lives Matter movement.

Climate Change
Features levels on the causes and consequences of climate change, actions to help tackle the climate crisis and then a bonus level on the climate protest movement.

Drugs & Alcohol
Features levels on the consequences of alcohol abuse, dealing drugs and taking drugs, and a bonus level on the damage drugs cause to communities.

Features levels on the causes and consequences of homelessness, and potential solutions to the problem, as well as a bonus level exploring an individual case study.

Knife Crime
Features levels on causes, consequences and prevention as well as a bonus level exploring the impact of knife crime in a community.

Mental Health & Wellbeing
Features levels on common issues, improving well-being and getting support as well as a bonus level on supporting your friends with their mental health.

First Aid
Features levels on dealing with sprains and breaks, burns, and bleeding and a bonus level tasking students with responding to an emergency situation. 

Body Image
Features levels on social media, fashion and self-esteem and a bonus level about leading a happy and healthy life.

Healthy Relationships
Features levels of self-relationship, unhealthy relationships and building healthy relationships and a bonus level exploring issues around dating.

You can download our free sample Drugs & Alcohol resource here.

Note: after purchase, the Activities Bundle must be downloaded as a single zip file and must then be unzipped to access all the individual files.