Key Stage 2 Topics Bundle

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34 resources connecting core curriculum topics to work-related scenarios to give learning context and purpose. The resources feature contextualised challenges relating to a wide range of careers that demonstrate the real world application of learning in life after school.

Each of the core topic resources feature seven contextual challenges relating to different careers as well as closing discussion prompts. The full list of Maths, English and Science topics covered is as follows:

Upper Key Stage 2

Number; Fractions; Measurement; Geometry; Statistics; Ratio and Proportion; Algebra

Reading and Writing; Types of Text; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Animal science; Earth and space; Electricity; Evolution and inheritance; Forces

Lower Key Stage 2

Number; Measurement; Multiplication and division; Fractions; Time; Addition & Subtraction;Shape; Money

Reading and Writing; Types of Text; Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Animals, including humans; Electricity; Forces & Magnets; Light; Living things and habitats; Plants; Rocks; Sound; States of Matter

You can download our free Upper KS2 sample Statistics resource here.

Note: after purchase, the KS3 Bundle must be downloaded as a single zip file and must then be unzipped to access all the individual files.