Sector Exploration Bundle

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34 sector-focused resources allowing students to explore the wide range of jobs found in the different sectors of the economy.

The bundle includes 14 main powerpoint resources with each resource including:

  • bite-sized information about the sector
  • contextualised challenges relating to 12 different careers in the sector
  • three opening and three closing discussion prompts to stimulate thought and discussion about that skill and wider career preferences

Each of the 14 sectors also has a Quickblast worksheet offering three contextual challenges which is ideal for a quick exercise during tutor time - or to allow students to quickly explore a greater range of sectors.

The bundle also includes six 'Cool Jobs' resources offering a different way of exploring a range of jobs - this time focused on areas of particular interest to young people including:

  • Cool Jobs in Football
  • Cool Jobs in the Outdoors
  • Cool Jobs involving Space
  • Cool Jobs on the Ocean
  • Cool Jobs that Change the World
  • Cool Jobs with Animals

Each of the Cool Jobs resources offers challenges relating to at least 15 different jobs in that focus area.

Finally, the bundle also includes a bonus Is Medicine for Me? resource which was made with the support of junior doctors to help students consider different medical career options and whether it is the right career path for them.

You can download our free sample Health and Social Care resource here.

Note: after purchase, the Sector Exploration Bundle must be downloaded as a single zip file and must then be unzipped to access all the individual files.