The Panjango Game

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The fast-moving, quick-thinking, fun challenge game exploring the world of work!

Up to 6 players compete and cooperate on a wide range of challenges from Tool Twister to Story Chains, and Unscramble to Disaster Plans, as their knowledge and skills are put to the test in work-related scenarios. 

Benefits for Young People

  • gives learning context and demonstrates the exciting applications of learning in life after school
  • develops key skills such as teamworking, communication, problem solving, creativity and confidence
  • encourages risk taking and helps young people to discover their strengths and weaknesses
  • makes careers education more fun and engaging through an interactive exploration of the world of work
  • opens minds, broadens horizons and raises aspirations

Benefits for Teachers 

  • a powerful tool to enable any teacher to instantly deliver a high quality careers lesson
  • helps schools meet the Gatsby Benchmarks and their statutory requirement to deliver independent careers guidance
  • gives learning real world context and brings the Maths, English and Science curriculum to life
  • reduces workload by offering exciting and high impact lesson plan solutions 
  • helps evidence Ofsted outcomes including SMSC, achievement of pupils and quality of teaching

This fun game is filled with quick-fire and mind-boggling challenges that explore the world of work and get young people thinking about their future. 

The multi-functional game is designed for use by young people aged 8 and over both in the classroom and with family at home.

The game includes 24 challenge varieties, 10 other mini games and information on 126 different careers.