Aerospace Engineer


What is an Aerospace Engineer?

An Aerospace Engineer is someone who researches, designs and builds aircraft, satellites, missiles and space vehicles.

What does an Aerospace Engineer do?

An Aerospace Engineer experiments with new materials, carries out flight test programmes and analyses the results. They also look after and improve fleets of aircraft.

Where does an Aerospace Engineer work?

An Aerospace Engineer is most likely to work in a manufacturing plant, research centre or a factory.

What equipment does an Aerospace Engineer use?

An Aerospace Engineer would use everyday office equipment and computer software.

What are the Top Skills needed to be an Aerospace Engineer?

Technical skills, numeracy, problem solving, communication, computing.

How much does an Aerospace Engineer earn?

The starting salary of an Aerospace Engineer is around £25,000 rising to £60,000 for experienced roles.

Fun Fact about Aerospace Engineering!

The North American X-15 holds the world record for the fastest manned aircraft. Its maximum speed was Mach 6.70 - about 7,200 km/h!

Further information about being an Aerospace Engineer:

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Panjango's challenges show how Knowledge (Maths, English and Science) and Skills (creativity, problem solving, communication etc) are used by an Aerospace Engineer. See below for a couple of sample challenges or download our interactive resources for more challenges...

Knowledge Challenge:

The lift provided by a wing on an aeroplane is directly proportional to the area of the top of the wing. From previous data, a wing of 524 square metres provides a lift of 1,310,000N.

You have been tasked with designing the wing of a new aeroplane. In order to be able to fly the plane requires 327,500N of lift from each wing.

What is the area of the wing that is required?

SHOW ANSWER - 131 square metres

Skills Challenge:

You have been put in charge of designing a space shuttle to transport people to and from a new moon colony. The journey is expected to take around 5 days each way. Before you begin designing the shuttle you need to consider all the requirements of the shuttle passengers. 

Make a list of all the things you need to consider when designing the shuttle in order to make it a comfortable journey for the passengers.

Write a list of at least 5 passenger requirements to complete the challenge!

Check your list of ideas against our suggestions by clicking 'Show Answer'.

SHOW ANSWER - Any 5 from: food, air supply, water, sanitation, seating, beds, entertainment, luggage storage, safety belts, flight information.


Click the links below to download our Interactive Presentation featuring more challenges about an Aerospace Engineer:

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