What does "Panjango" mean?

The question we're asked more than any other: "Why Panjango?"

We agonised long and hard about the name of our company. We wanted a name which had meaning, but all of the language associated with the world of work is just so dull. Careers, jobs, employment... yawn! Then we stumbled on a word in the urban dictionary which seemed perfect in every way - Panjango! The word itself sounds lively and exciting, and therefore reflects the fun nature of our games, but it also carried a meaning which fits our aims as a company perfectly. 

"Panjango" means the boss or leader - and our aim is to help young people become the leaders of the future.

Our games and resources equip young people with the practical knowledge, skills and experience to find their purpose and fulfil their potential. We focus on experiential learning as we want young people to be confident enough to go out into the world, see a problem and solve it. This is what the world needs now more than ever - and by undertaking work that they find meaningful, young people are far more likely to be happy and successful in their life beyond the school gates.

So we want every young person, regardless of their background, to become a "Panjango" - a leader of their own journey, and a leader of tomorrow in a world that will be unrecognisable from the one that exists today.