Job Exploration Bundle

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Our Job Exploration Bundle offers an engaging and interactive way of exploring different career options and learning more about individual jobs.

The bundle includes 70 current jobs resources and 5 future jobs resources so there are bound to be a selection of jobs to interest each student.

Each of the resources includes:

  • bite-sized Careers Information on job purpose, main tasks, workplaces, salary, top skills and a fun fact relating to the job
  • three Knowledge challenges demonstrating how Maths, English and Science may be used in that job role
  • four Skills and Experience challenges which task students with applying their skills to scenarios that may be faced in that career path
  • three Boss Level challenges which take students on a themed journey relating to an exciting aspect of the job
  • three opening and three closing Discussion Prompts to stimulate thought and discussion about that career option

The bundle also includes a bonus Job of the Week resource which offers bite-sized careers information and two contextual challenges for 52 different careers.

A Careers Exploration worksheet is also included to help students reflect on their learning - as well as a novelty Santa Claus 'job' resource for some festive fun.

The complete package includes more than 750 contextual challenges in total offering students a unique and more interactive way of exploring careers - all for just 95p per resource!

You can download our free sample Computer Games Designer resource here.

Note: after purchase, the Job Exploration Bundle must be downloaded as a single zip file and must then be unzipped to access all the individual files.