Panjango Choices

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A thought-provoking digital game to kickstart lively discussion about future life choices as players discover who knows each other best! 

The game poses a series of multiple choice questions to players who then have to think about how both they and the other players would answer.

This web-based game is a great way for young people to get to know their friends on a deeper level, while reflecting on their own aspirations, interests, strengths and purpose.

The game features the following question categories:

Aspirations - questions exploring our future life choices and career preferences
e.g. Which job would you find most exciting?
A. Intelligence Analyst     B. Crime Scene Investigator     C. Police Officer

Purpose - big questions about what motivates us and what we want to achieve in life
e.g. Which of these problems would you most like to solve?
A. Child poverty     B. Climate change     C. Global hunger

Interests - questions exploring the things that interest and excite us
e.g. What do you enjoy most?
A. Planning things     B. Designing things     C. Making things

Knowledge & Skills - questions about our knowledge & skills and how we’d like to use them
e.g. Which of these skills is your strongest?
A. Negotiation     B. Creativity     C. Problem solving

Strengths - questions probing our strengths and weaknesses
e.g. What are you best at?
A. Working in a team     B. Leading others     C. Working by myself

Personality - questions relating to our personality and character traits
e.g. How would you describe yourself?
A. Hardworking     B. Intelligent     C. Charismatic

Teamworking - questions exploring how we relate to others
e.g. Who do you find the most inspiring?
A. Greta Thunberg     B. Serena Williams     C. Malala Yousafzai

Work Environment - questions about the physical settings in the world of work
e.g. Where would you most like to work?
A. Out at sea      B. In the mountains     C. On a space station

Miscellaneous - light-hearted questions about the world of work
e.g. Which of these historical jobs would you most liked to have done?
A. Rat catcher     B. Bowling alley pinsetter     C. Lake ice cutter

Note: this is a digital game. Customers will receive a ZIP file which contains the Game Manual and access instructions, as well as the printable Game Scorecard.