Panjango Top 10s

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A fast-paced digital naming game where players race against the clock to name as many of the Top 10 examples of a topic relating to the world of work as they can in 60 seconds e.g. 'jobs in a hospital’, 'famous inventors' or ‘the main tasks of a solicitor’ etc.

The web-based game features the following topic categories:

Alphabet -  topics about jobs beginning with the letters of the alphabet
e.g. Jobs beginning with the letter ‘S’ etc

Purpose - prompts relating to the reasons that people do particular jobs
e.g. ‘Jobs involving caring for others’ or ‘Reasons people want a new job’

Careers - prompts requiring students to think about aspects of different jobs
e.g. ‘Dangerous jobs’ or ‘Jobs likely to be taken over by robots’

Knowledge & Skills - prompts about the knowledge and skills needed in the world of work
e.g. ‘Skills of a nurse’ or ‘Jobs requiring a high level of leadership skills’

Sectors - prompts about the jobs found in different sectors
e.g. ‘Jobs in the Health & Social Care sector’ etc

Locations - prompts about the physical settings in the world of work
e.g. ‘Places an Electrician might work’ or ‘Jobs in a hospital’

Miscellaneous - fun and light-hearted prompts exploring aspects of the world of work
e.g. ‘Famous Influencers’ or ‘Inventions that changed the world’

Note: this is a digital game. Customers will receive a ZIP file which contains the Game Manual and access instructions, as well as the printable Game Scorecard.