17 Ways To Use Panjango In Your School

We've designed our games to be flexible tools to help any educator deliver high quality and highly engaging activities in the areas of career learning and PSHE; contextualised Maths, English and Science; and skill development. 

The Panjango Game puts young people's knowledge and skills to the test in wide variety of work-related scenarios. Our two Panjango Trumps games explore the jobs that exist today - or the jobs of the future - in a classic battle of stats. Panjango Online explores the world of work through more than 2500 contextualised challenges covering Maths, English and Science, as well as skill development. 

Here are 17 different ways that Panjango's games could be used in your school...

  1. Whole class activity

Use Panjango Online in 'Team Mode' to get students working together in teams of 3-6, as they compete against the other teams to complete the platform's contextualised Knowledge, Skills and Experience challenges. While our board and trumps games are designed for smaller groups, they all come with a range of mini games and exercises to deliver with a whole class.

  1. Pairs or group work

The Panjango Game and Panjango Trumps are perfect for group work. The games can be played by between 2-6 players and offer a variety of ways to explore the world of work, develop key skills and connect learning to life. The Mini Games included with each product also offer a wide range of activities for pairs or group work. 

  1. Solo work

Switch Panjango Online into 'Individual Mode' and the challenges are presented in a way that a student can complete them by themselves sitting with a computer. They can then explore the careers that most appeal to them and take the time to complete the questions and challenges at their own pace. The Panjango Game and Panjango Trumps also all include additional Mini Games for young people to complete by themselves. 

  1. Making homework fun!

Homework doesn't have to be boring! Why not set your students a set number of challenges to complete from Panjango Online? The Share Session feature allow your students to access the platform without registering. Simple set your desired filter, hit Share Session and send them the link. Alternatively, you could photocopy the blank trump card and ask them to create their own trump based on the job they would most like to do, or to research a job of the future. 

  1. Parental engagement

Our board and card games are specifically designed to be used in either the classroom or the family home. They are a great way of getting children and their parents learning together and stimulating thought and discussion about future life choices. So why not allow your students to borrow the Panjango games to take home and play with their family?  

  1. Isolation room activity

Some young people become marginalised from education because they fail to see the purpose and the value of their learning. Panjango's games are designed to give real world context to young people's learning by directly mapping learning onto work-related challenges. Our games are therefore a powerful tool to reengage marginalised learners by showing them how what they are learning in school can help them to be successful in life beyond the school gates. Furthermore, those who are disengaged by traditional teaching methods may be more enthused by game-based learning. 

  1. Form time discussion

The contextual challenges in Panjango Online and The Panjango Game offer the perfect stimulus for thought-provoking discussion in form time around a number of PSHE issues including life choices, work ethic, health and well-being, relationships, financial planning, or values and ethics. But rather than dealing with these complex issues in abstract, Panjango deals with them in real world contexts.

  1. Assemblies

Why contain stimulating discussion to the classroom when you could get the whole school involved! Panjango's materials could be used as the basis for interactive assemblies on the real world applications of learning; exploring unusual career options; the future of work; the importance of skill and experience development; values and ethics, the factors in deciding career choices etc. 

  1. Breakfast or after-school club

The Panjango Game and Panjango Trumps offer the perfect blend of fun and learning so they make fantastic extra-curriculum resources. The games are pick-up-and-play so do not require any adult supervision and are great at getting young people working productively together.  

  1. Library resource

Why not make your library a fun place for young people to visit by adding a selection of exciting but educational games? Panjango's games will get young people reading a range materials, including instructions, game challenges and careers information, all while having fun as they explore the world of work. Adding the games as a library resource also allows students to loan the games to play in the playground or at home. 

  1. Peer learning

Peer learning is a powerful way of students learning from each other by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience. It's been proven to accelerate learning and improve student engagement. So you could get students to teach each other to use the Panjango games or share what they have learned about different careers and how knowledge and skills are applied. Panjango Online also allows students to take on the role of the 'referee' to facilitate the challenges and award points to the best contributions. Peer learning could also be extended between year groups with older students leading workshops using Panjango games.

  1. Student one-to-ones

Students can sometimes be nervous about one-to-one sessions with careers advisers or teachers. So why not use Panjango games to help to relax students by quickly playing a trumps or board game, and using the games challenges and content to initiate discussion about life choices, work ethic, behaviour or the importance of learning etc. 

  1. Ice breakers

The challenges in Panjango Online or The Panjango Game could make the perfect ice breaker when you start working with a new class, or to get students immediately working productively together at the start of a lesson. The quick challenges can help to focus attention, initiate effective group work and build confidence at speaking in front of the class. 

  1. Flipped classroom

Flip your classroom by challenging your students to learn about a particular topic as homework before class, with classroom time then being used to deepen their understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities. These can be easily facilitated using the contextual challenges presented by Panjango Online or The Panjango Game. 

  1. Careers Club

Many schools now run a weekly or monthly Careers Club to help students pick their options, think about what they want to do when they’re older and to match their skills to jobs roles. Using Panjango's games can bring career learning to life and provide hours and hours of exciting careers-themed games and exercises. 

  1. Career of the Week

Why not set up a display board profiling a new career each week? The board could use the eye-catching Panjango Trumps cards to raise awareness of career options. Using the Future Jobs cards would open minds to how the world of work is rapidly changing. You could even print out some examples from Panjango Online to show how Maths, English and Science are used in each career. 

  1. Careers information resource

The Panjango Game contains a booklet with bitesized information on 126 careers across 14 sectors. This therefore makes a fantastic reference point for careers information in the classroom. Alternatively, our Panjango Trumps cards (exploring both current and future jobs) offer a job description, Fun Fact and category data for each job (50 covered in each pack). They present careers information in a much more fun and engaging way than the usual job profile websites. 

This list of 17 ideas is far from exhaustive and we're sure you'll think of many more exciting uses of Panjango's games in and outside of your school.

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