Panjango Resource Bank

A comprehensive bank of interactive teaching resources and exciting digital careers games which connect learning to life and equip young people with the knowledge, skills and experience to find their purpose and fulfil their potential. 

The Panjango Resource Bank includes:

Interactive Resources

  • Teaching resources that connect careers to the curriculum and help young people develop important skills for their future as they explore the world of work. All resources are downloadable and editable in Powerpoint format to allow you to tailor them to the specific needs of your pupils. The Resource Bank currently includes:
    • Topics - mapping every topic of Key Stage 3 Maths, English and Science to work-related challenges to connect careers and the curriculum.
    • Skills - developing key skills such as creativity, confidence and communication.
    • Careers - exploring individual careers in immersive and interactive ways.
    • Sectors - exploring a dozen careers within each sector.
    • Journeys - guided journeys through 'real world' scenarios such as a prisoner escape or virus outbreak.
    • Events - themed resources exploring key events in the calendar.
    • Current Affairs - placing young people into the heart of news stories to tackle real-world problems.

    Digital Games

    Web-based careers games to develop knowledge about the world of work and help young people to think about their future. The Resource Bank currently includes...

    • Panjango Choices - a thought-provoking game to kickstart lively discussion about aspirations and future life choices as players discover who knows each other best! It's career exploration with a twist!
    • Panjango Top 10s (coming very soon!) - a fast-paced naming game where players race against the clock to name as many of the Top 10 examples of a topic relating to the world of work e.g. 'jobs in a hospital' or 'famous inventors'.

    New resources will continue to be added to the Panjango Resource Bank each week, and new digital games periodically, as well as regular updates to the existing products. 

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